Blog Talk Radio Series, February 2014

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Join us in February for a weekly blog talk radio series on eating disorders. Drs. Evelyn Attia and Allegra Broft will provide an overview of eating disorder diagnoses on February 3rd. Drs. Michael Devlin and Deborah Glasofer will be featured on February 10th in a discussion about eating disorder treatment and the path to wellness. Obesity and related topics will be addressed on February 19th by Drs. Laurel Mayer and Robyn Sysko. Finally, on February 24th, Drs. Timothy Walsh and Joanna Steinglass will cover hot topics in current eating disorder research and directions for future study (including those at Columbia). Listen to this informative series by clicking on the following link or call in with your comments and questions live by dialing 347-996-5875.

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