Big Ideas in Eating Disorders: How Researchers Work to Move a Field Forward

At the 2022 (Virtual) International Conference on Eating Disorders, the annual meeting of the Academy for Eating Disorders, Dr. Kathleen Pike kicked off her Big Ideas podcast at the Research Teaching Day by sharing an interview with our Center’s Founding Director, Dr. B. Timothy Walsh.

We’ve written previously about Dr. Walsh’s distinguished career and the evolution of his thinking about eating disorders based on findings from decades of research; in this podcast, viewers have the chance to hear it all from the source himself. Towards the end of the conversation, Dr. Walsh explains how he arrived at a big idea – a habit hypothesis about the persistence of anorexia nervosa for which our team has collected compelling findings – that he hopes will unlock new possibilitie for behavior change for people with eating disorders. Our newest relapse prevention study is the latest step forward in investigation in a nearly decade-long line of research on habitual behavior in eating disorders.

Dr. Walsh’s curiosity, appreciation of the scientific method for formulating and testing research questions, and dedication to helping people with eating disorders are the principles upon which our program was founded. Over the years, our research participants – patients and those without eating disorders – have partnered with us on our mission to learn more and help more and slowly, but surely, grow our knowledge and improve our treatments. We hope you enjoy hearing some about the journey Dr. Walsh got us started on…

Kathleen Pike, PhD interviews our Founding Director, B. Timothy Walsh, MD.

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