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Once again, we offer a “sneak peek” of when and where to find members of our group at this year’s International Conference on Eating Disorders, sponsored by the Academy for Eating Disorders. Please feel free to say hello, introduce yourself and of course attend any of these along with the other informative workshops and sessions.

This year’s conference theme is Building Bridges across the World, and fittingly will take place in the City by the Bay, home of the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, at the San Francisco Hyatt Regency.

Thursday, May 5th

2:30pm: Drs. Steinglass, Walsh, Glasofer, and Attia will facilitate a lively discussion about the clinical implications derived from their latest research on habit and anorexia nervosa in a workshop titled, Creatures of Habit: Changing Behavior in Patients with Anorexia Nervosa (Workshop Session I, C). They will review Dr. Walsh’s habit hypothesis of the persistence of this eating disorder and Dr. Steinglass’s research on the neural circuitry of habit in anorexia nervosa, and engage workshop participants in a discussion of how this preliminary work might inform clinical treatment going forward.

2:30: Dr. Attia will join colleagues from the New York University School of Medicine (Drs. Nishawala, Berry, Cheney, Miller, and Vazzana) in a discussion about Bringing Eating Disorder Assessment and Treatment to the Masses: Teaching Non-Eating Disorder Practitioners to Detect and Diagnose Eating Disorders (Workshop Session I, I). These experts will focus on the signs and symptoms of illness that may go unnoticed, or may confound an initial diagnosis when presented to practitioners unfamiliar with eating disorders.


  • Loren Gianini, PhD will be presenting the findings of her research on the Relationship between Negative Affect and Food Choice in Bulimia Nervosa as part of Poster Session II on Friday, May 6th. To learn more about her study of food and mood, read this related post.
  • Janet Schebendach, PhD, DA will present her research on the Assessment of the Hedonic and Reinforcing Effects of Artificial Sweetener in Individuals with and without an Eating Disorder on Friday, May 6th at a Poster Session from 7:45-8:15pm.

Our team looks forward to seeing you!

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