Boston Bound for ICED 2015

Our Columbia Center for Eating Disorders team is busy gearing up for another exciting year at the International Conference on Eating Disorders, sponsored by the Academy for Eating Disorders. The theme of this year’s conference is “Communication: iCED Today and Tomorrow.” The meeting is being held in Boston, and we are bringing with us a variety of academic and clinical presentations.

We know that it’s a busy conference but we hope to see you there, to answer any questions you might have about our Center and learn more about the work you’re doing in the field.

Here is a sneak peek of when and where to find members of our group:

Thursday, April 23rd

2:30PM: Drs. Steinglass and Gianini from Columbia along with Dr. Wonderlich (University of North Dakota) and Dr. Lavender (University of Minnesota) will facilitate a workshop titled, Examining Food & Mood: Affect, Eating Behavior and Implications for Treatment in Anorexia Nervosa. During this program, data relating affect and eating behavior in eating disorders will be presented with an eye towards implications on treatment and treatment development.

Friday, April 24th

2:15PM: Dr. Sysko (Mt. Sinai) will present findings from research completed with collaborators from Columbia, Mt. Sinai, University of North Dakota, and University of Minnesota on The Eating Disorder Assessment for DSM-5 (EDA-5): Development and Validation of a Structured Interview for Feeding and Eating Disorders during a scientific paper session. The EDA-5, a new measure for evaluating and diagnosing feeding and eating disorders in research and clinical settings, will be introduced. Findings from two recent studies evaluating the validity and reliability of this instrument as it compares to other available diagnostic methods will be shared.

2:15PM: Dr. Steinglass and colleagues will share their findings from a recent study of neural systems associated with decision-making about food in a talk titled Restrictive Food Choice Shows Neurological Signature of Habit. Neuroimaging and Food Choice Task results in adults with anorexia nervosa and healthy controls will be reviewed.

2:15PM: A scientific paper, Physical Activity and 12-Month Follow-Up Weight Outcomes in Anorexia Nervosa, by Ms. Call (Research Assistant, Columbia) and her colleagues will outline results from an investigation of objectively-measured physical activity in individuals with anorexia nervosa. This study looked at physical activity in patients with anorexia nervosa prior to discharge from inpatient treatment and in the months following structured treatment as compared to women without any eating disorder. Implications of physical activity on weight after hospitalization will be discussed.

Saturday, April 25th

1:15PM: Drs. Brown and Attia from Columbia will be joined by Ms. Bodell (Doctoral candidate, Florida State University) and Dr. Santiago-Espana (Clinical Psychologist, New York City) for a workshop about misconceptions, biases and challenges that may arise when individuals with eating disorders are considering research participation. Their program, Should I Suggest that My Patient Participate in a Research Study? Helping Patients and Clinicians Climb the Steps to the Ivory Tower, is intended to bring together clinicians and researchers for a productive discussion about the opportunities that research may present for some patients.  

3:00PM: Ms. Berner (Doctoral candidate, Drexel University) and her Columbia colleagues will present on Reduced Thickness of Frontal Cortices and Cognitive Control Deficits in Bulimia Nervosa during a scientific paper session. In this study, investigators examined brain and behavioral features of the development and persistence of bulimia nervosa in a sample of adolescent and adult patients as well as healthy controls.

Poster Presentations

  • Suicidal Ideation and Behaviors among Adolescents Receiving Bariatric Surgery: A Case-Control Study. Jeanne McPhee BA, Eve Freidl MD, Julia Eicher BA, Jeffrey L. Zitsman MD, Michael J. Devlin MD, Robyn Sysko PhD
  • Does Leptin Predict Outcome in Anorexia Nervosa? Jonathan Hersch BA, Lindsay Bodell MS, Laurel Mayer MD
  • Bone Health in Bulimia Nervosa: The Effect of Weight Suppression. Melissa Riegel BA, Alexandra McGlade BA, Jenny Gilbert BA, Adi Cohen MD, Amanda Brown PhD, Michael Lowe PhD, Laurel Mayer MD
  • Dietary Fat Preference in Individuals with and without an Eating Disorder. Janet Schebendach PhD RD, Laurel Mayer MD, Evelyn Attia MD, Joanna Steinglass MD, Allegra Broft MD, Michael J. Devlin MD, B. Timothy Walsh MD

Photo credit: Creative Commons by Eric Kilby

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