Pounding the Pavement and Going to School

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This past Sunday, members of our team took to the streets – quite literally – to share information about our research opportunities at a street fair on the Upper West Side.  Conveniently situated next to a crepes and lemonade stand, we enjoyed the opportunity to talk with those walking by who were interested to learn more about opportunities to participate in research at our clinic.

We chatted with kids and their parents about our Healthy Kids Study, which aims to learn more about how kids choose the foods they eat.  The 5-10 year old kids who participate in the study play computer games, watch movies, eat meals and snacks, and have pictures taken of their brain.  We’re hoping to enroll 500 kids in the study, so we’re eager to spread the word!

Healthy kids study
Research assistants and faculty at a recent NYC street fair.

Sometimes doing research means reaching out to let people know about our studies, and sometimes it means getting being brought in somewhere to share what we know.  For example, our Healthy Kids Study team was recently invited to visit classes at a local public school to teach second and third graders about how to do science and to brainstorm ideas with them about how they would design a study to learn more about how kids eat.  We’re planning to share this lesson with more kids at an upcoming Health Fair here at Columbia Medical Center.

If you or your child is interested in participating in research at our clinic, please call 646-774-8066.  Also, be sure to look out for us at future street fairs!

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